Late-Night Hosts Ridicule Trump, Republicans for Roy Moore Support

Trevor Noah compared the president to ‘Fifty Shades’ character Christian Gray, while Stephen Colbert and Jordan Klepper mocked the “madness” of defending the Alabama Senate candidate.

After Donald Trump openly endorsed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, late-night hosts took time during their Tuesday shows to mock the president and fellow Republicans’ support for Moore, who faces multiple sexual misconduct accusations.

During The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, the host ridiculed the Republicans change of heart over Moore after Trump publicly endorsed the candidate.

“This race is important, which is why Donald Trump chose this crucial moment to finally endorse Roy Moore,” Klepper said. “And once Trump does something, you know the swamp-dwellers are going to jump right on his coattails.”

After showing a news clip detailing the Republican support for Moore ahead of the upcoming election, Klepper urged the political party to “get off the Roy Moore train.”

“Well, well, well. Look at the Johnny-come latelies,” Klepper joked. “Thank you, Republicans for finally getting on board the Roy Moore train. Now please, kindly, get off the Roy Moore train. 

Earlier on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah blasted the president’s decision to endorse Moore.

“It’s crazy to me that after all of this, Roy Moore still has supporters,” Noah said. “What kind of person would be so morally degenerate that they would actually back this man?”

Noah then shared a news clip confirming Trump publicly endorsed the candidate. “And you know what’s funny in all this disgustingness? Is that earlier in the race Trump didn’t even endorse Roy Moore,” Noah argued. “Back then, Moore’s reputation was as a Bible-thumping defender of Christian values. But then the sexual misconduct stuff comes out, and Trump’s like, ‘My man!’”

Calling out the Republicans’ contradictory support, Noah said that it’s telling of Trump’s influence. “I realized that essentially Donald Trump has set the Republican Party free. Yeah, he’s basically their Christian Grey,” Noah joked. “He’s the playboy billionaire who came along and was like, ‘I’m gonna show you Repubicans who you really are deep down on the inside.’”

The late-night host then emphasized how the Republicans preached to be the “party of conservatism and family values.” “And Donald was like, ‘Why don’t you just grab them by the pussy?” Noah said in a Trump voice. Also adding, “Come on! It’s just locker room talk.”

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert also commented on “The depressing sequel of Toy Story” dubbed “Roy Moore.” “You do not want him to play Woody,” Colbert joked, before beginning to comment on Trump’s support for Moore.

“The president is standing by this man for a simple reason,” Colbert said before showing Trump stating he didn’t want a liberal Democrat in Alabama and wanted “strong borders” and “stopping crime.”

“Yes, we want stopping crime. We just don’t want stopping sexual assault,” Colbert said, impersonating Trump.

Apart from Trump, Colbert also ridiculed the “madness of defending” Moore by those who’ve gone to bat for the senate candidate, including his campaign spokesperson, Jane Porter, who argued that there are a “group of non-accusers” that need to be recognized.

“Yes, let’s be fair. It’s just nine women! What about all the women who haven’t accused him of sexual assault,” Colbert mocked. He jokingly addrf, “Remember let’s not make the same mistake. Everyone was so quick to call Jeffrey Dahmer a serial killer and a cannibal, but we forget about all of the people he didn’t eat!”

Colbert also addressed Moore’s chief political strategist Dean Young’s defense, saying if Moore did date a teenager, he simply “didn’t know about it.” Young also compared it to when he would ask a girl’s mother if he could date them and ask what their age was.

“I’m from South Carolina and that is why our state motto is, ‘Hey, we’re not Alabama,’” Colbert joked. “Here’s a hint: If you have to ask her mama if she can come out and play, she’s too young!” Colbert argued.

Meanwhile on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Patton Oswalt comically dressed as Moore, jokingly telling Fallon that he rejected Trump’s endorsement. 

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